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Beta release of LISST-SOP version 5.0!

January 27, 2009

Beta release of LISST-SOP version 5.0     
[Sequoia, January 27, 2009]
Sequoia is annoucing a beta-release of the LISST-SOP version 5. This is the software that is used for programming and analyzing LISST-100X and LISST-100 data. Major new items are:

  1. Batch processing of .dat files (File/Open Batch Processing). This is useful for users who have many smaller files (e.g from profiling deployments). All files in the selected folder will be processed in one operation.
  2. Real-time mode can now be used with all operating modes. For example, if you want to do burst sampling in real time, select the burst mode and appropriate start/stop conditions. (Start should typically be with a delay of 0 hours and 0 minutes, stop can be whatever).  Click OK to load the settings on to the instruments. Do NOT start the instrument when the dialog box pops up! Click No, then OK to the information box and go to File/Realtime mode. Select background scatter file and the output file name. The realtime window opens up. Check the Listen Mode box and open the terminal window. Click start in the terminal window.
  3. Random shape matrix vs spherical matrix. Click File/Settings/Output and click the shape model you want to use (or both). Put the .asc files with the random shape data (_rs.asc extention) into the LISST folder so that the .exe program can find them; they are needed for the random shape computatiosn. At present (January 2009) the type B matrix is still preliminary but still performs superior to the spherical shape matrix. The science behind the development of the matrices can be read in this paper by Agrawal et al. (2008).
  4. Zscat file reminder. The user is now prompted to select a zsc file to be used for processing when programming the instrument. If the zscat file is too old, a warning will be issued, and the user prompted to confirm that s/he understands that continuing might compromise the final data quality.
  5. The SOP now has the capability to process log files (obtained in the real-time mode). Select File/Open Raw Data file and then select .log files in Files of Type.

Download the beta version here. Make sure you already have version 4.65 installed, then download the .exe file for version 5.0 and replace your existing 4.65 executable with the one for version 5.0. If you do not have version 4.65 installed, then download the installer package for version 4.65 and install it, then replace the 4.65 executable with the version 5.0 (beta) executable.

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