Sequoia Scientific

Sequoia announces oil spill and harmful algae bloom instrument systems

June 19, 2019

Sequoia announces two new integrated, turnkey instrumentation packages for oil spill and harmful algae bloom (HAB) applications: The LISST-BLACK and LISST-HAB systems.

Both systems are centered around a LISST-200X (Sequoia’s workhorse instrument), modified to accept input from 3 analogue sensors. For the LISST-BLACK, the three sensors are fluorometers for crude and refined oil and a Chlorophyll fluorometer. For the LISST-HAB, the three sensors are fluorometers for Phycocyanin (Freshwater HAB’s), Phycoerythrin (Marine HAB’s) and Chlorophyll. For both systems, the three fluorometers from Turner Designs are integrated onto the LISST-200X with a custom harness cable and mounting brackets. The fluorometers are powered and controlled by the LISST-200X, which also integrates the signal from the fluorometers into the standard LISST-200X data stream.

Sequoia’s LISST-200X and its predecessors, the LISST-100X and LISST-100 have been used since the early 2000’s in oil spill research, oil spill remediation efforts and for various types of algae monitoring. During the clean-up efforts after the Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010, use of Sequoia’s LISST was required by the US EPA. A non-comprehensive list of papers and reports demonstrating how to use the LISSTs for oil spill and algae monitoring can be found in Sequoia’s on-line library.

Sequoia expects to begin taking orders for the LISST-BLACK and LISST-HAB in late Q3 for delivery in Q4, 2019. For more information, contact Sequoia.