Sequoia Scientific

2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting Recap

February 28, 2020


Once again, Sequoia Scientific greatly enjoyed exhibiting at AGU’s 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting, this year in beautiful San Diego.

Co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), and The Oceanography Society (TOS), the Ocean Sciences Meeting is the premier scientific conference for the ocean science community.

“This year’s theme, For a Resilient Planet, centered around the concept that scientists, in partnership with governments and communities, have the power to affect change in fostering healthier and more resilient oceans, a safer and sustainable food supply, and to mitigate the impacts of climate change (”

The 2020 meeting saw more than 6,000 attendees from 60+ countries, 1,8000 oral presentations, 3,200 posters, and more than 120 exhibitors. It was an exciting opportunity for new findings from all over the world to be shared and recognized.

Some highlights:

  • One of the bigger news items to be picked up and circulated from this meeting is a daunting projection that 90% of the world’s coral reefs could be gone in the next 20 years due to climate change and population. As coral restoration groups face growing challenges, it is imperative that events such as OSM and news outlets share these projections in order to promote initiatives to combat climate change.
  • NASA was once again a popular exhibitor with its  Hyperwall, a video wall capable of displaying multiple data visualizations and images simultaneously across an arrangement of screens, was used throughout the day for presentation. Visitors could also enjoy experiences in augmented reality.
  • Another popular finding circulating news outlets following the meeting is that rising ocean temperatures are resulting in LOUDER oceans. The culprit? Shrimp.
  • Size, not shape, matters most to efficient forward motion by blue, humpback and minke whales, but all the whales are highly efficient swimmers.
  • Not only was awareness of our oceans promoted by scientists at OSM20, but art installations were also featured to bring conservation issues to life, like this one by San Diego local Jessica Ling Findley.
  • Looking for a new job opportunity? OSM’s job board is a great way to connect with other meeting attendees looking for experience like yours.

Sequoia’s Highlights:

  • This year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary at OSM!
  • We found loving homes among the conference attendees for 75 sequoia seedlingso
  • We shared oral presentations on two of our new instruments: our Hyper-BB sensor & our LISST-Horizon
  • We demo’d our new LISST-200X software
  • … and had a wonderful time meeting old colleagues and making new ones at our booth!