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Particles in the Americas (PiA) 2020


Particles in the Americas (PiA) 2020 will take place Monday-Thursday 1-4 June 2020, beginning with an icebreaker Monday evening June 1st.


Particles in the Americas (PiA) 2020 will be held in Cuzco, Peru. Cuzco is the site of the former Inca empire, and for this conference, a site of research in sediments. Situated at an altitude exceeding 11,000 ft. (3,300 m) it is a popular tourist destination. It is also the gateway to major tourist attractions such as Maachu Pichu, and Lake Titicaca.

Who Should Attend PiA?

PiA conferences bring together experts from Latin America, along with experts from other countries and regions. The presentations cover dynamics, measurement, monitoring, and impact of particles in oceans, ports, coasts, rivers, lakes, streams, and sedimentation. The meetings are of interest to students, academics, environmental officials, monitoring agencies, and consulting companies Broadly, topics of interest are:

  • Marine and hydrological sediment transport
  • River and Reservoir Sedimentation
  • Biological studies
  • Sediments in Dredging
  • Particle Measurement technologies
  • Optics/Acoustics and remote sensing of Particles.


A list of recommended hotels will be provided.

Scientific Program

To be determined.


Limited space will be available for up to 10 companies interested in exhibiting their equipment and software. Each Exhibitor will be given the opportunity to introduce their products to the full gathering in a 3 minute presentation. Please revisit site for further information.


To be announced.

Target Dates

To be announced.


To be announced.

Organizing Committee

Convenors: Yogesh (Yogi) Agrawal (US), Juan Camilo Restrepo Lopez (Colombia) and Dr. Elisa Armijos (Perú).
Permanent Committee Members: Gerardo Perillo (Argentina), Prof. Diogo Buarque (Brazil), John Ramirez Avila (US), Yogesh (Yogi) Agrawal (US), Juan Camilo Restrepo Lopez (Colombia) and Elisa Armijos (Perú).


For more information, please contact:


PiA conferences are sponsored by Sequoia Scientific, Inc., USA.

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